About Packard Enterprises Racing

We specialize in race applications for ATV and Snowmobiles.  We have participated for many years in sand drag racing and held several records.  We also enjoy hill racing and have built several motors both personally and for customers.

We have been a Lectron Carburetor distributor for over 20 years and have a lot of experience at tuning the carburetors.  Lectron's have been proven on the track and for trail riding to be the best performing carburetors available.  Top end tuning is made easy with adjustable power jets.  We have a great deal of field experience with both alcohol and gas carburetors.  We have designed our own billet bowl for Lectron Carburetors.  These bowls carry 200 percent of the fuel capacity of the stock bowls and provide excellent float bowl seal.  We can set them up for a single or dual outlet.   We also now have a new version float bowl available that carries an additional 20% fuel capacity over our standard billet bowls.

We also carry K&N Air Filters for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motors.  We specialize in custom made filters with 13 inch length bodies.  These filters produce up to 3 additional HP because of the length and filter volume.  We also carry other filter combinations and can get anything that is needed from K&N.  We carry outerwears for these air filter combinations.

We carry both thumb and twist throttle cables and twist throttle assemblies.  Our cables are Teflon lined which helps keep the friction to a minimum.  We carry single, twin and triple combinations and we can even build quad applications upon special request.

We also specialize in 2-stroke porting which also includes 2-stroke road racing motors.  We port snowmobile motors as well.  We have years of experience porting motors and can recommend what would work for your needs.

We port both stock and aftermarket cylinders for Honda's and Banshee's.  We can set the porting parameters to the owner's likes and needs.

We have designed an air filter kit for the RZR 1000 XP which incorporates the flow of the K&N Air Filter for a gain of approximately 3  HP.  The kit comes with a spare air filter and outerwear and mounts on the top of the bed of the RZR.  It not only looks good but functions very well.  The kit includes a velocity intake that mounts on the side of the stock air box.  A complete set of instructions is included with the kit. 

We now have picked up a line of performance items for the new Yamaha GPR 1800 SVHO watercraft and the FX SVHO as well.  These perfomance parts include ECU modifications, impellars, and intake systems, including K&N air filters.  Performance is greatly increased with these items. 
We are also in the process of developing a 2-stroke carburation series for high performance go-carts. 

Additional information and photos of our products are listed in the Products section of this site.  Please contact us for pricing and for recommendations on product needs.